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First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Services

We offer a space for Indigenous Students and friends to be themselves and to explore who they could become.  Our High School Completion coaches and our Cultural Liaison provide community, opportunity and encouragement and:


  • Meet regularly with students to check in, track work completion, attendance, and credits toward graduation
  • Host an Indigenous Student Leadership Club
  • Help with homework and connect with tutoring
  • Offer a social place to gather before school and at lunch
  • Explore opportunities for training and work after High School
  • Connect with Indigenous cultural learnings, presentations, and activities
  • Provide an extra point of contact for parents and students at the school
  • Make available cultural experiences such as Elder meetings and smudge ceremonies
  • Establish and maintain trusting relationships with Indigenous students and their families
  • Increase the knowledge and understanding of Indigenous history, Treaty and Aboriginal rights, lands, cultures, languages and contemporary issues within the school.