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Please note some of the video footage you will see of students and staff was taken during prior school years.


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Mathematics and Mathematics AP Flowchart - Click on the above image to enlarge.

Students must have a Mathematics - 20 level in order to earn their Alberta High School Diploma.

When it comes to math, it's important to choose courses appropriate to your abilities, interests, and future goals. Your previous math marks will also help to indicate which courses are most appropriate for you. 

Math 10C

This course prepares students for entry into post-secondary porgrams that may require math. After Math 10C, they will have an option to go between Math 20-1 and Math 20-2. You must have a 50% in Grade 9 Math to enter Math 10C.

Math 10-3 (5 credits)

This course sequence is ideal for students entering trades or the workforce immediately after high school.



Designed For

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Students in the majority of trades or direct entry into the workforce.

This sequence aligns with entrance requirements for many trades programs. Topics include algebra, geometry, measurement, number, statistics, and probability.



Students who are going into post-secondary studies in programs that do not require the study of calculus, such as arts, education, and nursing.

This sequence provides students with a high degree of flexibility in terms of changing course sequences at both the grade 11 and grade 12 levels if the student's interests change. Topics include geometry, measurement, number, and logic, logical reasoning, relations and function, statistics and probability.




Students interested in careers and post-secondary programs that require the study of calculus, such as science and engineering. 

This is required if you want to take Math 31.