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Dance 15-25-35

Dance 15 welcomes beginner dancers. All students must complete Dance 15 before moving on to the next level. Students will learn the fundamentals and history of jazz, ballet, modern, tap and composition. They will have the opportunity to work with guest artists, attend live performances, and participate in the end of semester Dance Showcase.

Dance 35 can be used for post-secondary admission.


Contemporary Dance 25-35

Pre-requisite: completion of Dance 15 or teacher consent

Students will continue to build on techniques learned in Dance 15 while exploring emotions behind dance. Students perform at the annual Dance Showcase. Contemporary Dance 35 can be used towards post-secondary admission.


Dance Performance

Dance Performance students work on choreography (dance routines). This fast-paced and challenging environment is best suited for students who've completed, at minimum Dance 15, or who dance at studios outside of school. This class is audition-based and runs full year, after school twice a week. Students perform multiple times both in and outside of school. Advanced Dance 35 credits can be put towareds post-secondary entrance requirements.