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Please note some of the video footage you will see of students and staff was taken during prior school years.

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Students must take a 20 level science in order to graduate with an Alberta High School Diploma.

Course   Description
Science 10 This is the pre-requisite for all academic sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Science 20/30). 
Science 14 and 24 These courses are ideal for students to meet the credit requirements for an Alberta High School Diploma.
Biology 20 and 30 These courses explore the interactions of living systems with one another and with their environment.
Chemistry 20 and 30  These courses are the study of matter and its changes, and emphasize the context of science by considering the interrelationships among science, technology, and society.
Physics 20 and 30 These courses help students understand and mathematically explain the physics principles behind natural events they might experience and the technology they use in their daily life.
Science 20 and 30 These courses are ideal if students are interested in science and plan to use the program for post-secondary entrance. They integrate physics, biology, chemistry, and earth sciences together.