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The assessment process within schools follows a number of steps. 

  • Initial Discussions: School staff/parents or guardians may bring forward students that they notice are experiencing significant challenges that are impacting the student's ability to learn.
  • Universal/Targeted Supports: School staff/parents or guardians are asked to identify what supports they have in place for the student currently. Often there is much that can be addressed without the need for a formal assessment.
  • Consent for Service: If supports are in place, and the student is still struggling quite significantly, the Inclusive Learning Department Head will request consent from parents/guardians to proceed with assessments.
  • Assessment Process: Once consent is obtained, a request for service is made, and it is submitted to our Specialized Learning Services Team. In conjunction with the team supervisor, the request for service is prioritized according to need. The SLS team works with multiple schools in addition to Queen Elizabeth HS and every effort is made to ensure assessments are done in a timely manner. The assessment may take several months to take place.
  • Debrief: Once assessments are completed, the reports can be debriefed with families and a copy will be provided to the parents/guardians, and one a copy will be retained at the school in our electronic records system.
  • Next Steps: If warranted, an Individual Program Plan (IPP) will be set up with the student and appropriate accommodations will be put in place for the student. Goals will be set with the student and reviewed throughout the year.


For more information, please contact the Inclusive Learning Department Head or log in using your EPSB email to view our Inclusive Learning Website.