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Cosmetology is the practical application of scientific knowledge, artistic skill, creative ability and your personality. All level of cosmetology covers theoretical and practical aspects of the cosmetology profession.

Cosmetology 10 is an introductory level – 5 credit course. This “hands on” course introduces to the concepts and applications of basic hair, skin and nail care services. It is a pre-requisite for all advance level of cosmetology.

Cosmetology 20 Career is an intermediate level program and Cosmetology 30 Career is an advanced level program consists of 20-25 specified CTS Credential pathways courses related to the Hairstylist trade and provides credit toward the Alberta Apprenticeship.

In Advanced level of Cosmetology students build, expand and refine skills by performing services on customers. In Cosmetology 30 Career level program more emphasis is given on specialized skills, knowledge and attitude relevant to cosmetology career field, in readiness for transition into apprenticeship and entry level employment in Hairstylist Trade industry.


There are several annual field trips students go to and compete:

  • The Alberta Beauty Association


  • Skills Canada Regional and Provincial.


  • Western Canada  Fashion Week


If they win they have the opportunity to participate at National and World level of competition.