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Queen Elizabeth High School  - the home of the KNIGHTS

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Already an Edmonton Public School Student? 

If your student has been denied entry into another high school as a result of random selection and QE is your designated catchement school, please contact your current school (ie-mary butterworth, rosslyn, killarney, QE) and ask that they set your student's Next Year School Indicator to Queen Elizabeth. After the current school has done this, the student will be able to log in to their student schoolzone account the following day and request their next year courses under the O.S.C.R. tab. 

Queen Elizabeth is now full at the grade 12 level. The only grade 12 registrations that will be accepted will be students that have moved into the Queen Elizabeth catchement area after April 15th, 2020 (proof of the new move will be required) and who have at least one parent who is not Roman Catholic.

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