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Automative Service Technician (15 credits)

M.E. LaZerte


Work with industry professionals as you start apprenticeship training in the automotive service technician program.

Cosmetology (20 credits)

M.E. LaZerte

Prerequiste: Cosmetology 10 or Esthetics 10

Start apprenticeship training in cosmetology and hairdressing and work alongside industry professionals.

Social Justice (20 credits)

Jasper Place

Prerequisite: Social Studies 20-1 or 20-2


Explore issues that relate to your life and community and integrate core subjects into real life.

Steel Construction (15 credits)

M.E. LaZerte


You’ll learn about construction through hands-on activities that combine industry-level skill development and networking opportunities.


Performing Arts (15 credits)



Immerse yourself in the performing arts. Learn and develop your skills while connecting with community and performing arts professionals.

Computer Science (15 credits)

Queen Elizabeth


Understand the world of computers from start to finish. The program will give you time to build your skills in computing and technology.


For more information, please see: Campus EPSB Semester Programs or speak to Mr. Bartsch.