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Work Experience

Work Experience

   For students wanting to register in work experience, they must first complete the HCS3000 Workplace Safety Systems course which is a pre-requisite for work experience. Below is the link to complete the HCS3000 course. Please ensure you are using your EPSB Google Account to view and complete this course.

1) HCS 3000 Workplace Safety Systems Course - https://sites.google.com/a/epsb.ca/epsbhcs3000/home


2) When you have completed the HCS 3000 Workplace Safety Systems Course, please fill out the following form to register for Work Experience.

Work Experience Registration Form



Why should students take Work Experience?

  • Students who are currently volunteering or working at a paid part-time job, could be earning additional high school credits through the Work Experience program while investigating a possible career and gaining valuable skills and knowledge for their future.  Some of our students have also been hired by their Work Experience mentors upon completion of their placement – a valuable foot in the door.
  • All students are required to complete HCS3000 first, as the pre-requisite for Work Experience.  This course covers ‘Job Safety Skills’ and is worth 1-credit to students, and can be done online at the students’ leisure.  All grade 10’s will be completing this important course during tutorial time in the first semester each year.  Grade 11’s and 12’s may register at any time throughout the year.
  • Students may earn from 3-15 credits toward their high school diploma, and Work Experience 35 may be used to meet their Diploma requirements (students need 10 credits at the 30-level in addition to English 30 and Social 30).
  • Students will then be eligible to earn up to 30 credits in Work Experience, 15 of which count towards their High School Diploma.  Every 25 hours of work = 1 credit, thus 375 hours of paid or volunteer work = 15 credits.