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Getting involved with the school community through clubs is a wonderful way to enrich your high school experience. We have a variety of clubs at our school:

Please contact the lead teacher if you would like more information.

Student Club Name/Lunch Activity

Lead Teacher

When They Meet

Speech and Debate Club

Ms. Pui and Mr. Herrera

Mondays After School OR Tuesdays After School if long weekend AND/OR Wednesdays at Lunch in Room 204

Chess Club

Mr. Boisvert


Eid Dinner Planning Committee

Ms. Shibley


Science Leadership

Mr. Reed

Wednesdays at Lunch in Rm 119

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Ms. Lawrence

Tuesdays at Lunch Rm 225

Anime Club

Mr. Lewis

Fridays at Lunch in Room 223

QE Citadel Club

Ms. Antonopoulos and Ms. Scaddan

5 Evenings Throughout the Year


Ms. Yelich

Ms. Chasse

Mondays at lunch in room 127

Community Helpers

Ms. Trefanenko

At lunch-day of the week TBD

Dungeons & Dragons

Ms. Krauskopf

Thursday After School

Innovate Program

Mr. Dublenko, Mr. Potts, Ms. Kamal and Ms. Dews

Tuesdays/Wednesdays during SET

Development Team

Mr. Mercer

Every lunch hour, some after schools


If there is a club that you would like to start, all you need is a teacher sponsor, and you can start one up yourself!